Dr. Felix Rupton > IMCPO

Indianapolis Museum of Current and Past Objects
Friday, August 1, 2014
The Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana

Throughout summer 2014, Dr. Felix Rupton asked Indianapolis residents to submit personal objects to the Indianapolis Museum of Current and Past Objects. The objects were to possess some personal significance to to the owner and serve some kind of function. Dr. Rupton, along with his assistants, studied the objects' local histories, their relationships to other submitted objects, as well as their former, current, and future function or purpose. Dr. Rupton and his assistants then invited the Indianapolis community to the opening of the Indianapolis Museum of Current and Past Objects. At the opening, the assistants presented Dr. Rupton's findings through live didactic authorships, critical comparisons, participatory reenactments, and dramatic reinterpretations. The museum closed immediately after the opening and the objects were returned to the lenders.

The IMCPO was supported by a National Endowment for the Arts grant through the Indianapolis Art Center.

The IMCPO was sponsored by NoExit Performance, The Hall, Sun King Brewing, and IDADA.

Special thanks to Dr. Felix Rupton's assistants: Dustin Funk, Jenny Witcher, Michael Burke, Ryan Mullins, Bill Wilkison, Beverly Roche, Amanda DeVary, Yasmine Kasem, Courtney Schooler, and Zach Rosing.